Contract (Kyoya x Reader)*Discontinued*

Contract (Kyoya x Reader)*Discontinued*

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Hayden R. By ZynoVyno Updated Sep 12, 2016

Your father owns a business which has recently been growing very large, causing Kyoya's father to notice. Long story short, your father and his meet up and decide it'd be best if you two got married. Oh, did I mention that you and Kyoya have been revials for quite some time?

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I would be so mad but i mean it's kyoya-senpai so I can't be
If I were to give him a nickname it would be banned from the world
I mean I don't understand why I hate him so much in this story
lorddeathmemes lorddeathmemes Dec 12, 2016
Was I the only one that got Madoka Magica triggered after reading the title of this...
                              LIKE OH MAI MADOKA, IS THIS A KYUBEY X READER?!??! But no. It was another one of the 6383881918176462819917369 Kyoya fanfics I have in my recommendations
EternalKimFlame EternalKimFlame Dec 19, 2016
Geese Louise! It's almost like skip beat other than Koyoya doesn't scare me like Mr. Tserungai does with his gentle manly smile.
0====|:::::::::::::::::::::::::::> I will gut him with my sword