Passionate for you

Passionate for you

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fictionwar By fictionwar Updated Mar 15, 2017

Christopher and Leonardo two very handsome, sexy, confident and charming predatory  werewolves, their voice itself can make women panties wet and one night with them will make women yearn for more.

what happens when they meet the  beautiful ambitious  Amber , who makes them think of hot sinful nights?

they will stop at nothing to make her theirs.

but what happens when their past is 
not in the past anymore? what happens when the girl of their dreams has a secret of her own? what happens when Amber can't fight the attraction of two hot delicious men anymore?

"Tal are you OK?" Amber asked.

"OK? ...OK? ....OK? ...oh my god, I saw stars in daylight woman. But they won't shut up, they threatened me, I was about to get punched by them and to top that , the interrogation, I swear I peed my pants from their looks"

"What? Who they?"

"What did you do to them? They verbally abused everyone. God, everyone in this office are terrified of them. They have taken the whole place upside down."



"Will you stop talking in riddles?"

"Oh, atleast I can talk now, with the way that guy chocked my wind pipe. I got a neck bruise for 3 days."

"I am leaving"

"No, please no. Christopher and Leonardo will definitely kill me, if you leave now"


And just like that my world collapsed.


Hop in the world of mystery and take the first seat for the best roller coaster ride ever.

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