Thank You (Karma x Reader)

Thank You (Karma x Reader)

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not found By KurusuSyo_ Updated Sep 29

Just another normal night, reading her favorite manga (Y/n) snuggle with her pillow but her mom made her buy something. 

Walking down the streets, the heroine go home while skipping. 

Just another normal or so she thought?

SaRaH8420 SaRaH8420 Aug 03
First you're slicing napes of the neck, now you're tching...are you sure you aren't Levi?
The title says thank you so I must not be rude and ignore it
EmoKitty214 EmoKitty214 Jul 21
100 yen is like 1 dollor or something yen is just basiy coins
cloudkidd cloudkidd Nov 06
This story keeps switching from present tense to past tense..
kayle_memes kayle_memes Jul 17
Kayle buy me some yaoi
                              Happily mother what type would you like
                              (If not it must be karasuma right?)
                              NIETHER!! ITS KAPPLE~
                              (What am I doing with my life 😂😂)