Hunter X Hunter One-Shots (HxH x Reader)

Hunter X Hunter One-Shots (HxH x Reader)

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Cute_And_Sweet_Candy By Cute_And_Sweet_Candy Updated Apr 29, 2016

Well, I have seen only a few of this HxH one-shots here so I decided I'll make one! Hope you enjoy!


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Lady_kiyah Lady_kiyah Jul 20, 2016
Kurapika x Akua Gurin 
                              I want the kurapika to be jealous of leorio
ChrolloLucilifer ChrolloLucilifer Apr 29, 2016
I have another request Chrollo x Troupe member!Reader? Reader is a new recruit and Chrollo falls hard for her. 9
AlphaLuna_Wolf AlphaLuna_Wolf Nov 03, 2016
Kurapika X reader where Kurapika tries to take reader on a date but is all shy and thinks he messed up and such...
Jeremyislemon Jeremyislemon Aug 06, 2016
Idk uh..... Pokkel X reader and/or Hanzo X reader? Pwease!!!
Meggy126 Meggy126 Dec 07, 2016
feitan x reader
                              when the reader is the member of the phantom trope
VolturiPrincess98 VolturiPrincess98 Feb 23, 2016
Can I request another Illumi one shot pls? Illumi confesses to reader in hos own way. 😊