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Creepypasta Lemons

Creepypasta Lemons

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Kane Yamamoto Aikawa By animeaddictgirl03 Updated Apr 25, 2016

Dedicated to @yaoiisaddiction
:3 and oh requests are open~

Jeff was out on a killing spree.He wanted to relax from thinking about BEN. He liked BEN for years now yet, he didnt want to told him about that...He didnt wanted to ruined their friendship so he just kept it to himself..Also he thought that BEN wouldnt feel the same about him.

He stabbed his victim's heart as blood splatters on his white hoodie.He sighed and stood up walking around finding a new victim.

-At BEN-

Ben was just being himself and lazy today. He was just playing on his DS. As he is plying his eyes started to close as soon he fell asleep on the couch laying his ds beside him.

Later on Jeff had came back with blood all over his white hoodie.He was about to go in the kitchen but was stopped as he saw BEN sleeping cutely.

Jeff smiled and leaned in BEN's sleeping face and slowly kisses his forehead.

BEN was sleeping peacefully when he feel someone kissed his forehead.His eyes shot open and look...

And me . . . With a camera. And a tape recorder. And all the Masky x Hoodie fans in the world. So yeah, no one else but the two if you
It's the real mighty thirsty, for only 5.99 you can a whole army of real mighty thirsties! Hold the ocean on your hand!
Mask = Me =Girl version of Masky:*Stands next to Masky nosebleeding as well*
KeyChain and Locket (my oc twins) :*walks in the room and walks out to get the camera then records*
WOW SLENDY PERV IM OUT *jumps out yet another window* I KNOW THATS THE 2000TH TIME AND I DONT CARE
EchoThe_Cat EchoThe_Cat Dec 12, 2016
Slender:child no gay relationship
                              Me echo: lol yaoi i got it i got the camera i shoot them
                              Masky and hoodie: 0///0 oh zalgo
                              Me haha