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Angel Rising*

Angel Rising*

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Halo Ann Hallows By AnnaWolf2001 Updated Jun 04

There was once a legend about a great force known as "Angel Slayer Magic"  its an ancient magic art, forbidden because of it's unbelievable talents. Angel Slaying Magic was banded and hidden away to prying eyes because the magic power was so unbearable, the user could destroy towns, cities, peoples lives, and so much more that the Magic Council had no other chose than to hide it away from any onlookers. Lucy Heartfilia was born with Angel Slaying Magic, all her childhood her Mother and her would work out time for her daughter to use her magic. Layla Heartfilia also was in possession of Angel Slayer Magic which she had to hide from everyone, besides her daughter only because she had the same power. Lucy was 8 when her Mother passed away due to medical problems. Young Lucy then had to learn to master her magic on her own, while keeping her Father, Jude Heartfilia in the dark about her amazing powers. Learned her Mother's other magic skill "Celestial Magic" and joined the guild Fairy Tail at the age of 17. Lucy moved into an apartment a few blocks down from her guild, because she needed a larger flying space were she could fly freely and away from her abusive Father. And in Fairy Tail she found both Family and Open sky's.

I think natsu is the one who keeps stealing the meat 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
jane_the_night_owl jane_the_night_owl Jun 22, 2016
I would very much like an update for this book, if you have the time.*bows* [sorry I just had to impersonate erza,well try to anyways]
Miku_Rock-n_Roll Miku_Rock-n_Roll Dec 23, 2016
Elfman I know you said to be a man but stealing meat and eating them isn't a man bro and happy stop helping Natsu snatch the meat just go to Mira and ask for meat and fish ok guys????
........................ excuse me for a moment so I can go and beat up my younger twin brother.
Nymia9876 Nymia9876 Aug 26, 2016
I swear, I think that's from Switzerland or somewhere with mountains
Kitty_rem Kitty_rem Aug 28, 2016
When Lucy's mom said chapter I thought she meant chapter of the book!!!