The Alpha's mate

The Alpha's mate

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KanamexZero By KanamexZeroYaoi2 Updated Jul 04, 2016

(There are no vampires in this story only Humans and Hybrid wolfs) 

A Hybrid Alpha Wolf enrols at Cross academy one day. The Alpha states that he is looking for a mate and that after classes everyone is to be lined up in a straight line at the school gates so that the Alpha can examine all the students to see if any are suitable for becoming his mate. Everyone seems clearly attracted to the Alpha male even Zero who shows no interest in anyone! Before class started Yuki and Zero accidentally meet the alpha in the woods. Yuki believes the alpha will choose her as a mate just because he said she had pretty eye's. When Yuki runs off to tell the girl's about meeting the alpha the alpha take's interest in Zero and begins circling him. Shortly the bell goes which zero takes his leave making the alpha stick to his brain like a disease. When classes are over everyone lines up excitedly and hoped for the Alpha to choose them. Yuki has full out confidence written on her face. 

Who The Alpha picks as a mate shocks everyone!  Rido, a uncle to the alpha wants to take the most precious thing away from the alpha just like the alpha did 10 years ago.  All he has to do is play the waiting game a little while longer. Yuki is Furious that the Alpha has chosen Zero so she tries to make him think of picking another mate. But the Alpha wants Zero and only him. Yuki no longer see's Zero as a brother but now a stealer. So she has to come up with a plan before spring. Cause we all know that in spring, Animals tend to mate to produced babies. And Yuki does not want Zero having the Alphas babies. 

Rido makes a deal with Yuki but it involves her having to wait a little to get revenge. What is the wicked plan that Yuki and Rido are going to do? Can the Alpha protected everything he loves from his uncle? And will Yuki actually go through with such a horrible plan? 

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Me too.  But I have a very good reason.  Whenever someone wakes me up I end up feeling sick.  Don't wake me up.