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To Fall in Love with Two (GxBxG)

To Fall in Love with Two (GxBxG)

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Your Favorite Bisexual Writer By Ur_Fav_Bi_Writer Updated Feb 24, 2016

Living in a small town, Adriana knew she was Bisexual since she was twelve,  at age seventeen she keeps quite about her sexuality. She does so because her parents being overly religious, and homophobic. Unable to tell anyone, and keep her emotions in check, Adriana avoids contact with anyone who speaks to her, and goes so far to even change in the bathroom instead of the girl's locker room for P.E.
At school everyone calls her the "Ice Princess" and at home her parents leave her alone at home, while they travel the world. However since she has her own car, and a huge bank account they don't notice when she drive miles away from home to party at an exclusive gay and bisexual club so she can be around others like her, and have no worries at all about people finding out.
But things take a turn for the worst when a new family move into the house next to her. Now she must hide everything about her attraction to women in her room, when her nosy neighbors won't leave her alone. Not only can she not go to her club anymore because of them, she even have to babysit the youngest kids due to her parents saying that they were a "family friend" of theirs! Adriana can't help but wish that she could get away from these nosy, crazy, overprotective, and attractive neighbors. Adriana is suddenly attracted to the twin cousins who show up and move in with her neighbors.
For some reason the twins: Crystal, and Jaden, are on her mind constantly. Not only is Jaden inexplicably kind, and honest he also has a mysterious aura around him that screamed danger. As for Crystal she has unwavering bravery, smarter than even Adriana herself, and had eyes that seemed to read every thought Adriana had. They immediately fall in love with her.
The twins can't deny the connection to her. They want her bad, and are easily happy to share her.
But Adriana has hidden herself since day one, and has never experienced love before. So how can she change? Or even what can she do so that they are only hers?

bearjay bearjay Dec 28, 2016
So basically she a leech on her parent's money and use her parents as a excuse to nevr be in trouble? Pls don't tell me she the reincarnation of regina George👏👏😧