Skylox: A Siren's Song [#Wattys2017]

Skylox: A Siren's Song [#Wattys2017]

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you basic bitch By Dah_Cassanuva_ID Updated Feb 11


I've been captured for a good reason
I don't want them to suffer
I didn't want him to suffer.
I never wanted this...

Isolated in this cold, dark prison I call an abyss
Alone to survive with a team to fight.
Always taunted and I hate it.
I never even wanted this in the first place.

I'll still do it,
I don't care if they hurt me and fucking mess with me.
But they aren't allowed to mess with him.

If this means that it saves him from harm.
If this means that he'll be safe...
I will give up for him,
But oh how wrong am I.

He's never safe without my light.
He's never safe without me for his comfort.
He's never safe without my eyes on guard for him.
Yet he still is, but he isn't at the same time.

It's confusing how I practically sacrifice myself too much for him.
I love him that's why.
I will give my life up for him

I will give up my everything to him.
I fell for him
I love him
I'll do everything in my power to make sure he's safe from harm.

Heck maybe I should sing him a lullaby then.

(This is going through serious editting you guys, Also, credits to @AdyWrites13 for the wonderful cover)

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Squid king: Do it!
                              Irl me: DO IT!!!
                              everyone reading this: DEW IT!!!
CookieDraho CookieDraho Jul 28, 2017
And the fourth wall crumbles supprized Trump didn't build another one
Me:Dragon's magic?! Nice!
                              Ty: shut up! You don't want Seto to know!
                              Me: c'mon! I have way more powerfull magic than his!
AbyssVoid AbyssVoid May 01, 2017
Meow! Hehe Cass its me! Your (xXxB3$txXXx) Fr¡3ND! Far Noctis Est...
                              Zeon Grey!😏
Me: yeah acually, you're gonna get kidnapped soon.
                              Ty: what?
Sponge_n_Swoop Sponge_n_Swoop Mar 19, 2016
I was never the fondest of this ship but with a description like that i guess you could say you  REELED me in  =3