Socially Awkward

Socially Awkward

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juju By heronthorn Updated Jul 20

Tris Prior has always never been social. She hates people and doesn't even really talk to her parents. The only things she enjoys is music, writing music, reading, and wearing black. Everyone at school believes she is a psychopath and a goth. But, soon Tris's parents have had enough of her anti-social life and they decide to make her go on a mission trip to India. With the Eatons. Four Eaton's family. The hottest, kindest, most popular kid in the school. And it doesn't help that he hid in the tree next to her window a couple days before. In the middle of the night.

But Tris doesn't want to go on the missions trip. So she musters up her parents' money and her's so she can run away to Paris, where they have hotels. But Four catches her before she leaves and insists that he tags along. 

But how can someone who can't even talk to her own family and someone who has the whole world around his shoulders, ever fall in love?

Characters belong to V. Roth and plot belongs to me!

Yeah, it's completely normal for a super hot guy to ask to hide in your tree
txnisha txnisha Mar 17
however I don't for a sec believe that my Bae is cheating on me
NatNat_sup NatNat_sup Dec 07, 2016
Umm anyone evermrealize in stories they never pack undies or bras but some how have them? I now I am weird and notice a lot of things.
Dystopiandudet46 Dystopiandudet46 Nov 19, 2016
I SAY the SAME thing to my mom but instead of Peeta i say Tobias
TheGreenGentlewoman TheGreenGentlewoman Jun 21, 2016
You live in Michigan too? Or is it a different lions I'm not aware of
Hey, I live in India, okay! It's not as bad as you  potray it!