My Moment / / H.S.✔

My Moment / / H.S.✔

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imaginethebest By imaginethebest Updated Dec 26, 2017

I knew she was in trouble. I knew her life was nothing, but a train-wreck; A distaster waiting to explode. I knew she was in agony and I knew her soul consisted of haunting memories and malicious dreams of a man who once brought her immense torture. I knew she was hurting and that falling for her was the last thing I needed on my plate.

But with each everlasting glance and with each passionate kiss, my heart never beat the same. Her essence was craved by my longing soul and nothing, even a psycho ex-boyfriend, could cease me from drowning in her eternal love. 

Every inch of my body flooded with lust for her touch. Every thought swarming around my head ached for her never ending affection. Every move and every word spoken involved the cherishing infatuation of her presence. 

I knew I would go through hell and back to make her mine and only mine.

I wanted her. I needed her. I suspired nothing more than her latency and her body against mine.

This was My Moment.

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drunkenlourry drunkenlourry Jul 18, 2016
if i turned my shower to the highest setting i'd have third degree burns
xxallmylove xxallmylove Apr 24, 2016
If I commented on this already, I'm sorry. My wattpad is really messed up!
eddieslil eddieslil May 29, 2016
but yeah kinda true.. i kinda perform in the shower though /:
ffsboybands ffsboybands Jun 29, 2016
one time it rained so hard in england my dad had to stop the car and wait bc u lit could see nothing
Elyon10 Elyon10 May 12, 2016
I just started to read your story and its AMAZING!!!!  KEEP IT UP ...SERIOUSLY I haven't read any story like this!!!   ... <3
- - Jul 12, 2016
Okay but that's actually a really cool and cute name like you'd just meet that person and id be like please be my friend