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Keep It Tight By Bloodsen Updated Nov 29

Put it in the burnbook, honey.

Basically this is my WWE Rant burnbook. I shall give my entire opinion on certain subjects and wrestlers, and also praise some followers. 

-DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions and in no way shape or form do you have to agree with me. If you disagree, I encourage you to comment cause I love reading different outlooks.

With that being said, I curse like a pirate so don't be alarmed.

MoxleyDean MoxleyDean Feb 01
Ikr Paige has not really been shown up but she is still my dav and I have liked Becky for a while too
Varon13 Varon13 Apr 23
Is she a heel or babyface now?? I srsly don't get it no more
MoxleyDean MoxleyDean Feb 01
I love Paige she is my favorite now yes she is not the mature but she sure does have a point sometimes Paige is really inspiring and I miss freaks and geeks and I know I am not the only one my point is Paige is the best (.)
I agree with you sooooo much. She's really went downhill and I hate that cuz I love her, but she needs seriously needs to reinvent herself.
I dont get it they are always throwing the word bitch around so what's wrong with one f bomb
selloutselena selloutselena Oct 12, 2015
This is exactly my opinion of Paige! Road Dogg was right, She needs to get her head out of her ass x