HATING HIM Completed

HATING HIM Completed

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Meredith Hale By MeredithHale5 Completed

Mandy's seductive plan takes a turn for the worse when a complete stranger, the pretentious and God-like Brandon Gage, walks in on her wearing nothing but a trench coat and high heels. After her last long relationship ended with her betrayed, Mandy is looking for someone comfortable and "perfect," AKA Jake, the boy she has always been in love with. Sadly, fate has other plans. As an attempt to get Jake to finally see her as a woman (his nickname for her being "Man"), Mandy accidentally seduces the wrong guy when his roommate walks in on her instead. Her error becomes Brandon's new challenge.

Brandon starts appearing everywhere, distracting her from plans to win over Jake. When she mistakenly announces in a lecture hall that she would love to straddle (meaning "strangle") him, his efforts double. After a sports injury, Brandon becomes her patient at the university health clinic where she works. Brandon flirts and teases, as Mandy's physical therapy job requires her to massage his muscles. Eventually, he develops OSMWSSJAFFM: "Operation seduce Mandy while she seduces Jake and falls for me." Brandon learns, however, that pretending makes him want her more.

For Mandy, an art major who lives (and literally paints only) in black and white, a boy like Brandon who adds color to her life and makes her lose control, is dangerous. Especially when his muscular build is like something from an erotic fairytale. Can modest Mandy really fall for a guy who, whenever she bites her lip, threatens to lick it better? Can she overcome her trust issues from her abandoning father and cheating ex, and learn to let him in?

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tanyaistheboss tanyaistheboss Jul 29, 2016
Jesus, stop ,she too much like me and we around the same age I'm 14
KellinSlaysMyLife KellinSlaysMyLife Aug 13, 2016
SAMEE THO my mom literally plans for me to go to church and I asked why and she said that I think about boys too much(which I don't) and I need Jesus
gdrosha gdrosha Aug 20, 2016
When I was 15 I never had boys trouble. I only focus on my studies. Now 15 yrs later, still single...
LittleMissNobody24 LittleMissNobody24 Aug 29, 2016
I'm sad to say is, but this is exactly like my life.....😖
callmeRukh callmeRukh Aug 05, 2016
linda14rebel15 linda14rebel15 Jul 06, 2016
Girl my parents would drown me in holly water kill me in front of the church pedestal and make me live again