You Are Mine Now!

You Are Mine Now!

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Chiyori Uzumaki By Chiyori_Uzumaki Updated Oct 18, 2015

Naruto, Konoha's Number 1 Knuckle-Head Ninja. One day he wanders through the forest, after a dare his friends give him. When suddenly, BAM! Everything goes dark. When Naruto wakes up he is met with, the one, the only-!

Don't own anything!!!!!

Naruto: Like this fanfic? Chi has one shots like this on a book of stuff and YOU(yes chu) can tell Chiyori to make them into stories!!!!!!

Sasuke: Now to having sex with Naru~

Naruto: SASUKE! >~<

TeddyChanslife TeddyChanslife Nov 14, 2016
I knew it oh God what can't be unseen will now be seen forever
auraflow auraflow Oct 16, 2016
Wait you can hear him lick his lips 😂 aw my stomach itsKILLLING ME , you know what imma get my knife *go to oorochimaru and try to stab him*
Miym_Uzumaki Miym_Uzumaki Sep 08, 2016
Ohh... I see... that was why Naru was screaming ealier.... che... I MA KILL WHOEVER HURTS NARU!!!!!!!
Miym_Uzumaki Miym_Uzumaki Sep 08, 2016
Author: The one and only-!
                              Me: JOHN CENA!!!!!!! XD, OH hi Naru!!!
Katkakbis Katkakbis Apr 12, 2016
Oh dear lord, I was deceived! I though u were sasuke u bitch for a snake man! (Love ur story BTW! Its really good)
soapdish21 soapdish21 Dec 13, 2016