New World // An Amourshipping Story [EDITING]

New World // An Amourshipping Story [EDITING]

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セレナ By Pixel_Stix Updated Aug 18

(( The AMAZING cover made by @_VictoryVictini_ !!! Go check him out!))
This story is based on the idea that Ash, the main character of the Pokemon Anime, is in a coma. This is a theory that explains why, Ash has not aged at all since the show started, in 1995.
I took this theory an sprinkled a lil' bit of amourshipping in, along with some evil plots and even some heartbreak, and I turned it into this novel. :D
This is only a theory and therefore, some information in this Fanfiction, cannot be fully relied on when it comes to the Anime.

This story was inpired by the amazing novel 'Blink Once' by Cylin Bubsy.

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon or any of its characters, however, the plot of this story is mine and if I find that someone is stealing my work, I will not hesitate to have the story taken down and/or press charges.

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