The Onyx Star Chronicles

The Onyx Star Chronicles

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Shawn Grigson By iorneste Updated Oct 11, 2015

There are those who live and die on a small section of rock, and are content. Others roam the world trying to see as much as they can. Onyx Star is a Jumper, with the rare ability to leap across worlds and dimensions. Bred as a clone to be the ultimate soldier of her incredibly advanced time, she has lost her path to home, and now travels the worlds as she pleases, finding fortune and adventure along the way. Sassy, bold, even cruel, Onyx prides herself on getting her own way, and answering to no one. 

But not everyone appreciates a meddler, and there are those who see her as a grave threat to the natural order. Will Onyx remain one step ahead? Or will she discover that she is still a very small player upon the stage of endless worlds?

Note: Currently a work in progress.
A better cover is coming, I swear.

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