Hiccstrid: Long Lost Viking

Hiccstrid: Long Lost Viking

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Queen Skyler By XxPinkSkyxX2 Completed

{Hiccstrid Viking AU}

What if it wasn't Valka that was taken by a StormCutter? (or maybe a Night Fury...)
What if it was a certain viking girl? What if it was Astrid?

Astrid was taken away by a dragon when she was a 6 year old. She grew up to be a Dragon Rider. However, years pass, she never came back. Why? No one would want a village clutz. That's what Astrid thought. What's the point of going back to Berk, when clearly no one wants you there?

This story is some kind of role reversal-y thing with Hiccup and Astrid, and Valka and Astrid. 
Astrid and Hiccup, Astrid's the clumsy one, while Hiccup is the axe swinging viking (Except he has a sword, and Hiccup only becomes mean when he grows up xD). 
Astrid and Valka, Astrid being taken away, and Valka being the one staying. But then, Toothless is Astrid's dragon here.



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Jb4c1234 Jb4c1234 Jun 11
Punch em  hiccup, punch me right now, except ruffnutt cause she's a girl. But punch snot and tuff
Jb4c1234 Jb4c1234 Jun 11
The story is good though I like the nice hiccup instead of the mean astrid
Freaking six years old! I couldn't pop by myself when I was six.
I am not a massive fan of Hiccstrid as a couple but i like them as best friends
KoalaKy17 KoalaKy17 Sep 18
He finds and traps a dragon at six and I'm twice that age and still can't open a bottle XD
ShBlackEagle ShBlackEagle Jun 17, 2016
Okay but call me 'ShSkyler'
                              Don't look at me like I'm a weirdo