Deceitful (A Naruto Fanfic)

Deceitful (A Naruto Fanfic)

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Malika By Malikaax3 Updated Feb 14

I was lied to. Deceived. Of course, I didn't know it at the time. All I knew was, I was Sakura Haruno, I didn't have a clan, and wasn't special. My family gone, I had no-one to rely on in the world. That is, until I find my sister is actually alive. The Hokage and all of the Jounin have been lying to me my whole life. I even have a Keikei Genkai. Things start getting confusing when Orochimaru and The Akatsuki get involved. Not to mention finding out that I have a destiny that is controlled by others. Wouldn't things be easier since I've gotten stronger now? You would think so. But I'm afraid things only have gotten more challenging now. From here on out, I promise you, I will never be useless again.
Future reader, 

The beginning chapters of this fanfic suck pretty badly as they were written around four years ago before I figured out how to write. However if you grit your teeth and bear it, the story progressively gets better. I have yet to go back and edit cause I want to wait till I finish writing completely. But yeah, the current chapters are improved greatly so if you ever feel doubt that the book is going to get better-skip ahead and read a section to see the massive difference. It probably wouldn't spoil anything and you'll be thankful of it later. 


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emerden101 emerden101 Jan 26, 2014
I just remembered I had once read this story months ago... I don't know why I stopped... Well I'm continuing!
Malikaax3 Malikaax3 Aug 08, 2013
@darkestangel77 Yeah, it is sad.. But it helps to form her character a bit more you know? :)
darkestangel77 darkestangel77 Jul 03, 2013
Aww! Poor Sakura...that's kinda taboo with the last part. Her mom said stay safe to her dad and look where that got out Sakura!!
darkestangel77 darkestangel77 Jul 03, 2013
>~< this summary is what pulled me into the story! Amazingly written!!u
Malikaax3 Malikaax3 Apr 16, 2013
@Ucalieli I was planning to do a Naurto and Hinata one after this :) You read my mind! :)
VickyBeast VickyBeast Apr 15, 2013
cool, you should do , Jiraya sensie falling in love with the fifth hokage, or naurto and hinata