Found Me [ Completed ]  (#wattys 2016)

Found Me [ Completed ] (#wattys 2016)

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welcome to Medusa's lair By madusa1303 Completed

After losing her parents Vallerie is forced to live in a orphanage.... But not for long.... She is soon shipped to the school of witchcraft and vampiree... She learns new and very different things about her and her life... But most importantly she finds someone, someone so mysterious... So funny, so cocky and most importantly sooo hottt... Will he be her true love or  just another fling for damien ? ...
She wants to know  her past while damien is on Route to forget his... 
What is it that bothers damien so much? .. Does Vallerie help him out or make him even more vulnerable. 

Sneak peak 

Damien was walking towards me when suddenly I started feeling hot. Not the normal  sweaty kind of hot but  really scorching hot kind.
My hands were burning by the minute and my vision was blurry. 
I tried to look hard for Sarah but she was no where to be found.
I couldn't think anymore and I began to lose all my control on my limbs.
I was about to hit the ground when suddenly "he"  held me.  I wonder how he got here so fast 
I fluttered my eyes open to see a concerned damien holding me and lifting me up in bridal style his big brown eyes said it all. How sincere he was at that moment. I breathed in his intoxicating intense Cologne which sent shivers down my spine. 

Join Vallerie and the handsome hunk vamp damien as they try to figure out what they have friendship,.. Lust...or something. else entirely..... 
Thus is a love-hate kinda book I'm sure you would love it.... 
...This is one hell of a ride... And my first book... So guys help me out here..... Thank you so much...

I update very frequently and am very keen to know your opinion.... So plz do stop by this book .

I have just entered the wattys2016. Plz help my book by voting and commenting.

Harry Potter and that mirror!! Sorry, I had to make that reference
- - Jun 16
Wow. Your writing is great :) much better than mine haha. This is a very heartfelt piece of writing. Good job
Cry in the shower, go in the woods, a book place, or read. That's my thing lol
3am_diaries 3am_diaries Sep 25
18th birthday anyways bring some added excitement... But about a family secret being revealed! Umm... Well if i was here I would get choked on by my own excitement, lol XD
madusa1303 madusa1303 Apr 22
Thank you soo much... I appreciate your thoughts... I will look into it right away... 😄