Light (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Light (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

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Caitlin Elizabeth By KissMeCaiti96 Completed

Y/N is Tony Stark's Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in awhile but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each others hearts.

This is being posted on tumblr on the blog mrspietromaximoff but it is my original work.

Note: I do not own anything related to the Avengers or Marvel.

Book 2 is up!

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I bet I was like "yo dad... maybe you should make an iron man dildo, and instead of lasers shooting out, its vibrations" and he would just stare at me weirdly. Yeah, I'm a 14 year old with a problem.
I thought it was going to be a name that was serious like s.h.e.i.l.d then you pull the typical witty creative name
                              We're gonna use this to bring Pietro backkk oorrrrr nahhhhhh
I don't play piano even though it is a instrument I really like, but I do play the ukulele and trumpet(only play trumpet to get out of pe
I miss my dad whenever he goes on trips too I would just do anything like playing games, going for a walk around the Rez, spend time with my dog pepper, and watching movies until my dad got home and I'd be so happy 😭😭😭😢😢😇😇😇
Jerseyzz Jerseyzz May 12
*wakes up from a near death experience and winks at someone I don't know*