Dangerous Love  ➢ Dick Grayson X Reader

Dangerous Love ➢ Dick Grayson X Reader

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ジャネッサ By JaeJayAda Updated Jun 07

Being the adopted daughter of Poison Ivy, meant growing up a villian. Being taught to hate The Justice League and their Sidekicks, something changes when meeting the Play Boy, Bruce Wayne's adopted son. 
        Things get hectic when getting to know Grayson. (Y/N) believes she's in love, but will it end well? 
         Will a Villain and Play-Boy-To-Be, have a normal relationship or will they have to separate?
  I do NOT own any DC Universe Characters.

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Me when I first went to middle school I asked like 40 times a security guard where my rooms were
I will do everyone a favor and some of all of these comments
Me when I first came to my new school like omg it so big I still don't know all the classes in it and it only a middle and high school!!!
Ohhhhhhh Grayson I'm gonna kick your butt when I see you!!!!
in my head I have a step by step plan to get out of school for each class.
lol I wish that my school was like that, I literally had to wait for a week before they even told me they messed up and I didn't have one. Then after that they didn't even do anything about it