{Completed} My Forbidden Love!Yusuke x reader [Brothers Conflict]

{Completed} My Forbidden Love!Yusuke x reader [Brothers Conflict]

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Bury me Alive By Antonia_Htet Completed

You have a crush on Yusuke Asahina for so long but you knew that the only girl he likes is Emma Hinata. But what if you tell him about your feelings? Will he accept it or keep his heart only for Emma?

But what if he discovered that his feelings for Emma has started to fade? Did all the feelings go to someone? 

[I don't own Yusuke or you. Only the plot is mine.]

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I know my friend like I know my own mind, you will never find anybody as trusting or as kind.  If I tell him that I love him she would silently resign, he’d be mine, she’d say I’m fine, she’d be lyin!  He will never be satisfied, I will never be satisfied.....
Ashley__Senpai Ashley__Senpai Jul 16, 2017
Ah, very very good. I should make you my editor for manga. You clearly have talent if you ask me.
SilentOtaku23 SilentOtaku23 Oct 28, 2017
It’s not that hard! 
                              We make sure the ones we love are happy before our own happiness, unless we’re selfish. 😂 then never mind
Kitsunevitch Kitsunevitch Nov 12, 2017
You don't need to understand women you just need to love them.
Ashley__Senpai Ashley__Senpai Jul 16, 2017
Very good. I find it interesting. I'm a fan of Brothers Conflict too so I can appreciate your work. I'm very impressed. And your grammar is not bad at all.
Rizumu6 Rizumu6 Feb 15, 2017
This is EMA?
                              Am I in some alternate dimension?
                              Someone pls help me get back to earth!