My Innocent Love(Book 1 In Unconditional Love)[Completed] #PublishingSoon

My Innocent Love(Book 1 In Unconditional Love)[Completed] #PublishingSoon

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"You are Disabled!"
"You are a sympathetic bitch!"
"Years ago everyone decided not to be part of my life, but today, I will make a choice whether I want you or not. " She said with such an intensity, that he knew that if she rejected him, he was going to be alone his whole life. He won't be able to love anyone else other than her, at least not in this life.
Society indifference is a common issue in today's world. It can be related to anything but the truth is all have to suffer cruelty of words or actions at someone's hand. But the most important yet unknown fact is that, how they deal with it when all they ask is, for Love?

Feel the innocence of love through a journey of a girl, who not only fights off the physical disabilities of her life, but also the mental cruelty of the society, by not only achieving a successful stage in her career but also in her personal life by winning the heart of the one person, who hurt her, yet he became the healer of her wounds by showering that one thing called, Love on her which is what she ever needed. 

Warning:- Inspired from the journey of a real life girl who suffered the hardships yet emerged out a winner.You have all read arrange Marriages, now learn the meaning of a love Marriage. 

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PayalJindal PayalJindal May 30, 2017
very true,one day you show your weakness they hurt you with that weakness
Iqra1990 Iqra1990 Jul 16, 2017
@RangerOfLove I knew this na, tabhi I didnt start this one back then.. mujhay pata tha me glued hojaungi 😕
Iqra1990 Iqra1990 Jul 16, 2017
@RangerOfLove hats off to you then dor managing such stupid souls. I atleast have no tolerance for them sach mein! 😐🤔
sanzz567 sanzz567 Nov 29, 2017
@Shimz123 lets read from start and do racing comments😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bore ho rahi hoon main and nothing interests me apart from them😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shimz123 Shimz123 Nov 29, 2017
I don't know will society itself give respect to her, but she will definetly earn with her willpower and determination. 😍😍😍
Iqra1990 Iqra1990 Jul 16, 2017
@RangerOfLove What the **** !! Are you really serious?? My God ! Yar yum loug kese bardasht kartay ho ese pieces ko? 🤔🤔