My Innocent Love(Book 1 In Unconditional Love)[Completed] #Publishing In 2018

My Innocent Love(Book 1 In Unconditional Love)[Completed] #Publishing In 2018

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Neha By TunesOfHeart Completed

Featured In Wattpad Indian Ambassador Romance List

Dedicated to the JRA victims and the eternal lovers.

An ambitious love story to restore your faith in love and marriage. 

Winner of #RBLS season 2 (Romantic Rhapsodies)

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"You are Disabled!"
"You are a sympathetic bitch!"
"Years ago everyone decided not to be part of my life, but today, I will make a choice whether I want you or not. " She said with such an intensity, that he knew that if she rejected him, he was going to be alone his whole life. He won't be able to love anyone else other than her, at least not in this life.
How many of us think that love leads to downfall? Many right! 

But have we ever thought that it's our fault that we give it the power to destroy us, because it's not a weapon to kill, it's a weapon to conquer hearts. 

Love, never means to let people crush you. It never means to let your dreams fall apart; it means to let the purity of that emotion wash over you in such a way that you don't hesitate to stand up for yourself as well as your loved ones. 

Join me in this inspiring and ambitious love saga of Raisha Sinha, who fights not only her disabilities, but the mental chaos of the people surrounding her in such a way where she emerges as the winner not only in her professional life, but also her personal life. 


Read inside to see how the flame of destruction becomes the flame of inspiration for the two ambitious lovers who don't meet to hate and fall apart, but who meet to ache, struggle, yearn, and rise together. 

A fairy tale won't be beautiful if it doesn't seek struggles.........

Copyright © Neha2015.

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sanzz567 sanzz567 Jan 23
I m sady sady, and I m here on my favorite book to get motivated from my king n queen.
PayalJindal PayalJindal May 30, 2017
very true,one day you show your weakness they hurt you with that weakness
Iqra1990 Iqra1990 Jul 16, 2017
@RangerOfLove I knew this na, tabhi I didnt start this one back then.. mujhay pata tha me glued hojaungi 😕
Iqra1990 Iqra1990 Jul 16, 2017
@RangerOfLove hats off to you then dor managing such stupid souls. I atleast have no tolerance for them sach mein! 😐🤔
sanzz567 sanzz567 Nov 29, 2017
@Shimz123 lets read from start and do racing comments😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bore ho rahi hoon main and nothing interests me apart from them😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shimz123 Shimz123 Nov 29, 2017
I don't know will society itself give respect to her, but she will definetly earn with her willpower and determination. 😍😍😍