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My Oceans Were Lakes

My Oceans Were Lakes

40K Reads 1.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Writer idk By nialler6927 Completed

(Originally named Scars and Triggers) Niall has fallen into a spiral of depression and darkness. He's bulimic, has depression, self-harms and has constant suicidal thoughts. He cries himself to sleep, he skips and purges meals, he snaps at his best mates, has thoughts of killing himself, and repeatedly drags the piercing metal object across his wrist.
He makes sure to cover everything up, so the lads don't suspect a thing. But what they don't know is that Niall needs serious help, and soon.

evenkinkierboots evenkinkierboots Jul 29, 2016
0.0   Niall you sound like that guy that uses a severed hand and pigs blood for artwork. It's haunting
evenkinkierboots evenkinkierboots Jul 29, 2016
My enemys name is Alyssa...... GODAMMIT ALYSSA IMMA CUT YOU! My names Callitsa, is that close?
evenkinkierboots evenkinkierboots Jul 29, 2016
Florida? Dammit I've never been to their concert, but FLORIDA? I live in Florida! Dammit.... I'm still gonna read anyway...
- - Oct 05, 2015
Angel just took a shot at the little self esteem I have. Ouch. Pierced it like a knife.
nialler6927 nialler6927 Apr 23, 2013
@TaraGilbert1 thanks for the feedback :) and yeah, I was planning on creating a girl character.
TaraGilbert1 TaraGilbert1 Apr 15, 2013
okay gonna start off by saying it was great! but just a tad depressing. I think you should mabey make girl in it cuz some directioners get angry if onemof thebboys do somthing bad.just my opinion but i'm sure peopke wil love it.coulfnyou vote ALL my chapters? thanks!