The Chosen one #Wattys2016

The Chosen one #Wattys2016

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Shivanshi gupta By shinugupta Completed

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"Now please tell me the truth. Tell me who I am." I asked.

He put those bags on one corner of the room and sat near to me. I could see tension building up on his face. He Begin,

"You are a part of a prophecy.  According to it, whenever a demon would rise from the underworld, a princess, a chosen one would take birth. That chosen one is the only person who could kill that demon." He paused and took a breath.

"And you, Sheena...." He continued, "are the chosen one."

how would you feel when from nowhere an extremely good looking guy approaches you and says that you are chosen as a princess of a magical kingdom??
well for me it was not less than a heart attack
every one is born with a purpose, I was too....
I am Sheena Gupta. I am a nerd, boring and God knows what else.
it was my b'day( that I thought would be the most  boring day of my life ) which became the turning point of my life......

This awesome cover by:- @peakybooo

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AmyMasten AmyMasten Mar 23, 2017
Lots of mispellings ok read thus far but in order to keep certain readers interested phrasing of sentences  have to be in proper order and misspellings are unattractive .
hridiv hridiv Oct 29, 2017
From Percy Jackson to ancient king wars. From best book to worst book of wattpad. Find them all in hridiv's books. Just type hridiv and read all.
MacToirneach MacToirneach Nov 27, 2017
You and I are both trying “self inserting” of oneself as a character into the story, lol
                              I’ve heard from friends, and that this is easy to get overblown, but it also can work. I suggest looking for advice about it, and the “TV tropes” webpage on self inserting is a good reference
MissChanandlerBong- MissChanandlerBong- Mar 26, 2016
Siddharth Malhotra is hot. He looks handsome in literally every picture. ❤❤❤
morgan2162000 morgan2162000 Jan 13, 2017
I would say see and I am so sorry for correcting I have a problem with correcting people lol and I have to force myself not to correct other people
DakshaBhati DakshaBhati May 28, 2016
Nice and siddharth is mine favourite too he is just awesome ❤❤😍