The billionaire's hjiabi ( Muslim love story)

The billionaire's hjiabi ( Muslim love story)

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ain't_my_type By aint_my_type Updated Dec 31, 2017

"You can't just go out like that" he yelled at her, angry ranging inside him. He clenched his jaw  as his straight nose flashed from all the frustration. His jet black eyebrows knitted together, Cameron walked towards her and shoved her against  the wall, behind her. They were so close that they tip of their nose and forehead  was touching,he squeezed her against the wall with his chest, they both closed their eyes. His warm, yet harsh breath sent a alert to Zainab's hormones to go wild. 

"Who are you to tell me what I can do and can't ?" Zainab cried sharply as she struggled to push him away but Cameron just stood there squeezing  her with his solid chest 

"Im your husband and your my wife" he said, grabbing her hands and gluing it upon the wall. Zainab still struggling for freedom but there was no point, she knew he was way stronger than her. 

"Cameron move or I swear to god I'll hurt you" she defended, but Cameron continued pressing his hand into  hers and leaning towards her. 

"Hurt me and I'll have it my way on you"

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MTAM17 MTAM17 Jan 01
OMG how parents have this heart to feel for their daughter or leave her like that!! She didnt do anything? !! :(
_inoorulain _inoorulain Apr 22
what a stone hearted family. she didn't asked for that to happen
aint_my_type aint_my_type Mar 16, 2016
Well after her head colliding with the brick she fell in coma for two years and as u read on u understand it more
ismebish ismebish Jan 24, 2017
That would be so embarrassing if you were getting raided then a guy saw you. Like the rape is bad enough 😭😭
Jinnhijabi__ Jinnhijabi__ Apr 13, 2016
OMA how can they do this to her??😨😨 It was not even her fault
hijabiRule hijabiRule Jul 17
What it wasn't actually her fault 😨 and someone please tell Cameron what a hijab is😊