Cupid Falling Too Hard

Cupid Falling Too Hard

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Danielle K. By AKAElleDuh Completed

"I want Cupid falling too hard"he whispered in my ear,sending a shiver down my spine.His lips,went to my neck and pressed a small kiss before walking off.

I stood there,rooted to the ground.He wanted me,Cupid,to fall too hard?What?!My head spun.What was that suppose to mean?
Addison Price is Kingston High's Cupid.She doesn't shoot arrows,she has her own special ways of making people fall in love.

She's well-known and liked.In fact,she's too well-known that she captured the most favorite guy in the school,Chris Kingston.Every girl's dream guy and the school's founder's son.

She may be Cupid,Cupid falling too hard.


Highest ranking in Teen Fiction : #124

[9 October 2015-12 June 2016]

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UglyLoveLife UglyLoveLife Mar 19, 2017
Y'all if this was me, my dad would be like. You going to school to make people fall in love missy Go and learn your work !😂😭
Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Jul 19, 2017
I SHIP IT!!!!! Then again I do ship a bunny named Raccoon and a person, so who knows if my judgement is off
oldsoul_millenial oldsoul_millenial Apr 06, 2016
Hope you don't take this the wrong way but I wanted to let you know that after any punctuation there's supposed to be a space. Otherwise, it's a great plot line and sounds like it should be a great read! 😌
FeelinTheDehaanLove FeelinTheDehaanLove Mar 31, 2016
Um... No offense but that's a very.. Unusual name hehe ☺️🐰
mynameisnoone10 mynameisnoone10 May 06, 2016
"he is a one night stand but not a virgin". What do you think a one night stand is?
NeverWillCare NeverWillCare Apr 16, 2016
You didn't get burn because your not food and there's no fire anywhere.....duh