Living A Fantasy (CaptainSwan AU)

Living A Fantasy (CaptainSwan AU)

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(Book #1)

Emma Swan is 17 and in highschool. She has long, blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. 

Killian Jones is 18 and he goes to the same highschool as Emma. He has dark brown/black hair with ocean blue eyes. 

Killian has a crush on Emma but Emma doesn't know if she feels the same way. She has mixed feelings. When she finally feels like she might like him back, people from her past come back and try to stand in the way.

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Ouatlover378 Ouatlover378 Mar 26, 2017
I feel like it would be unoriginal to say same so...cue the music *Claps twice* That's what I like about you!
OncerrLiv OncerrLiv Aug 07, 2016
Honestly I'm dying laughing bc Legos actually hurt so bad😂😂😂😂
-star-dust- -star-dust- Nov 22, 2016
Aww goals would a guy who just wants to have sex with u say that
FreddytheBear21 FreddytheBear21 Jul 14, 2016
Lolz that was me on graduation day make up dress it was torture
Ouatlover378 Ouatlover378 Dec 03, 2016
Emma and Killan Drunk in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love,second comes marriage,third comes a baby Ina baby carriage,that's not all that's not all your baby drinks alc-o-hal!
TheFallingOncer TheFallingOncer Jun 11, 2016