The Surprise Visit (H2OVanoss) [Completed]

The Surprise Visit (H2OVanoss) [Completed]

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Sherlock ❤ By ThatOneGirlyShipper Completed

Evan and Delirious have been friends for god knows how long. Delirious' birthday is coming up and Evan decides to pay him a surprise visit.

Will Jonathan be mad? Happy?

Read The Surprise Visit and you'll find out what happens.

Is that a actual episode of the zomibie war game if it is plzzzz tell me witch one
If you don't watch Vanoss.. This sounds awful. Just randomly shoting people and blowing up bathrooms...XD
KanZend KanZend Feb 17
This is the perfect time to add that one picture called "Sexy Vanoss Expressions* xD
FoxDoesStories66 FoxDoesStories66 Nov 27, 2015
That always happens when I'm with my friend he says hi and I start to laugh XD