The Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac Signs

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Shadows of Rays, Rays of Shadows By LeaderShadowray Updated Oct 03

Know your Sign? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ No? Well, that's okay because nobody really know who they are until you see them. Anyway, who doesn't what to read funny stuff about your own sign?  Which one are you?

Aries|♈| Taurus|♉| Gemini|♊| Cancer|♋| Leo|♌| Virgo|♍| Libra|♎| Scorpio|♏| Sagittarius|♐|  Capricorn|♑|Aquarius|♒| Pisces|♓| 

[What on here, isn't mine. It comes from Google, Tumblr, and other websites. They belong to their rightful owners. There are also some curse words and couple violent words to have an awful imagination in this book. If you don't like that, please ignore it or just go to a different Zodiac Book. If one of the chapter/parts offended you, please remember that these aren't really us. Just guesses scientists made for the constellations. BE WARN MY SHADOWS AND RAYS...]

I'm getting so confused, a lot of magazines and websites says February 19th but then there's also many who says
                              February 18th :/ Idk what to think
Cricket2103 Cricket2103 Sep 06
Waz born on a Tuesday Whooooooooo and nine actually is my favorite number lol
Wait omg
                              The numbers of my birth date add up to nine
                              )-) no words
I almost missed my sign. How lucky I am. I have the same birthday as Ed sheeran
November 30th, yay I have the same birthday as Maddie Ziggler!!!