His Boss

His Boss

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"How you doing beautiful?" the mailman asked her as he took out her mail

"Fine." she said nonchalantly 

"Why are you always so mean?" he asked with a smirk 

"Why are you always so annoying?" she asked with a smirk

"Just trying to make a conversation." he said before shrugging

"Well, make it some where else." she said before rolling her eyes

"Good day ma'am." he said before sighing and walking away

"Whatever." she mumbled as she began to open her mail

Bills, bills, and more bills.

Even though Amber is a successful woman and can very much so provide for her self, she hates having to pay for things ALL THE TIME. Amber knew that she needed a break from work, but she just couldn't bring her self to do it. Also, she would be bored anyways because she has no friends or man. 

It didn't really bother her that she was all alone at first, but as she began to get older it really started to take a toll on her emotionally and sexually. Even though she has never been in a relation...

Girl he gone have you like putty in his hands watch what I tell ya..mhm 😏
dediluv1 dediluv1 Sep 04
How she know his name?? Cuz he didn't even introduce his self
How she a hoe she just doing her and getting that head 😂 now if a man did that 💩 yall gonna be like oh he fine or damn get that  💩
Queexn2 Queexn2 Jun 07
Having an attitude like that isn't gonna attract a man or friends