If I fall, would you catch me?  (Magi x Reader)

If I fall, would you catch me? (Magi x Reader)

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Sinya-chan By Sinya-chan Updated May 15, 2016

"I wonder... 
If I jump now, who will catch me? Will there ever be someone to catch me? Or will I fall into the deep hole leading to depravity... 
Hey... If I fall, would you catch me?"

(y/n) has been alone for so long. Her parents abandoned her when she was two years old and she never had any friends, because she knew, that someday they'd betray and leave her, just like her parents did.
 She never had anyone to talk to, except for one person. Even so, she was neither lonely, nor did she want to be pitied by anyone. Especially not by her aunt and uncle, the people who raised her. Although she loves them, she never really felt like she was part of their family.
(y/n) hated the world she was born into, she hated the way she was living, she even hated herself. So to prevent herself from getting hurt any further, she decided to keep everything to herself: her worries, her fears, her dreams and her greatest wish.
But everything started to change on the day (y/n) turned 17...

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brueberry brueberry Apr 24, 2017
This is so like me except I cant eat dairy products like chocolate because im lactose intolerant ;-; except for dark chocolate heh
- - Jun 10, 2017
This profile is so accurate to me its scary XD (well except the fantasy parts)
Audie_bamtrain Audie_bamtrain Feb 08, 2016
I just cried and I don't usually do that till I'm emotionally attached to the characters. You must be an amazing writer