PYROMAGE (The Celtic Otherworld #1)

PYROMAGE (The Celtic Otherworld #1)

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When her best friend is taken, 17-year-old high school student Réalta has no choice but to follow the Irish stranger who claims to be her guardian. They flee to Ireland where she learns the truth about her ancestry. She is Tuatha, born from a magical, non-human bloodline traced back to the origin of Ireland itself. 

Orphaned as a child, she must rely on her grandmother to guide her through The Yielding as she learns about the power rooted in the natural world around her. Almost before she's begun, Réalta is tricked by the Fomorians into unlocking the Celtic Otherworld. Now Balor of the Baleful Eye, the Fomorian leader, not only has her friend, but one of the Tuatha's most ancient and powerful artifacts. 

If Réalta had known the real reason behind the Fomorian uprising or the ancient prophecy which involves her, she might have done things differently. Instead, her independent streak puts her and those around her in grave peril. Only her instincts and her growing power stand between her and the end of the Tuatha.

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chromosphere chromosphere Dec 28, 2017
I could probably cry because this is so well written and I'm only on the first draft of my book T_T
Kuriocity Kuriocity Mar 15, 2016
This moved from intriguing to intriguingly sad to intriguingly detrimental... Good job
KenMagee KenMagee Feb 18, 2016
As an Irishman, I'm hooked by the story. I've voted and added this to my reading list.
pigginauthor pigginauthor Jan 03, 2016
This is a gripping start to a story. Why is the grandmother taking the baby? How can any parent simply hand their child over and watch her go? (Something far larger is afoot here). 
                              Both parents are going to do what now?
TFmelissa TFmelissa Dec 25, 2015
You've got me hooked already XD Being Irish myself, I'm really interested in this because I can never seem to find fantasy/adventure stories based in Ireland.
Blackfairy95 Blackfairy95 Dec 04, 2015
is the song Harry's Game?   I recognize it because I have a couple versions of it but I can never remember the title.