Heinoustuck - Dream

Heinoustuck - Dream

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Gray & Desu By JoinedShenanigans Updated Oct 22, 2015

"Every child on their thirteenth year
Will finally know the true meaning of fear.

The first was a girl, quite eloquent in word
But when she was taken, her pleas went unheard
Her mouth forced to curl, like a kitten with yarn
She always seems happy, despite having no arms
The poor little girl has been completely replaced
All that's left is a cat, a forced smile on its face.

To the "cool" rapping boy, it happened as well
Despite how hard he fought with his brother, he fell
When he awoke he had wings but no feelings at all
They'd all been ripped out when they'd messed with his skull
Now the boy never can actually lose his "cool"
He got what he always had wanted... the fool.

Even the island girl could not escape
To be transmutated remained as her fate
To her dog she was fused, and with it came powers
Now infused with Bec's essence, she no longer cowers
At anything, but that power came with a cost
In the process her true personality was lost.

The last of the four was a boy fraught with fear
He knew what had happened to each his friends dear
He fled from his father, his hiding for naught
And when he was found he kicked and he fought
But in the end, he too was taken and changed
Now even his pranks are quite cruel and deranged.

And so each kid was mutated, their appearance revolts
But what do YOU think of the end results?
I know I am happy; you surely agree
They could never have escaped; it was their destiny."

Just a little series that'll possibly keep going and going. Most of the original is at http://www.mspfanventures.com/?s=1018
Heinoustuck is originally by Yorsh.
Published halfly by @doomedApocalypse
"Gray hasn't actually read the webcomic of Heinoustuck yet to understand. Once she will, I bet maybe she could help along with it. If not, then things are okay. It's still gonna get some A+ effort." ~Desu

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