Stockholm Syndrome (Solangelo AU) (Completed)

Stockholm Syndrome (Solangelo AU) (Completed)

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Ryan Ross Hecker By sun_angel_ Completed

If you know what Stockholm Syndrome is, you will probably be able to predict what this story is about.

If you are normal, therefore you don't talk about these things in your spare time, then you won't.

This story is basically where Will has Stockholm Sydrome.


The characters aren't mine, they belong to Rick Riordan. However, I came up with the idea and the plot.

Cover art by the amazing cherryandsisters.

Rated PG-13 for violence and strong language.

Trigger wanting: contains abuse and mentions of self harm and rape

I live with my grandparents, and I'm lucky that they are very accepting
What are you doing???? You don't lower your window!!!! You lock the doors, look the windows and drive away like a maniac!!!!
I'm reading this for like the 5th time this is one of my favorite fanfics
MaskyBitch MaskyBitch Dec 02, 2015
If you already self harm, then, does that mean this would trigger me? Or nah? Loves! :)