Stockholm Syndrome | Solangelo AU | Completed

Stockholm Syndrome | Solangelo AU | Completed

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golden siggie By sun_angel_ Completed

If you know what Stockholm Syndrome is, you will probably be able to predict what this story is about.

If you are normal, therefore you don't talk about these things in your spare time, then you won't.

This story is basically where Will has Stockholm Sydrome.


The characters aren't mine, they belong to Rick Riordan. However, I came up with the idea and the plot.

Trigger wanting: contains abuse, mentions of self harm and rape.

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

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-NaomiKane- -NaomiKane- Aug 21
Ok I found it again and it seems like my votes are gone. I have been looking for this for such a long time!
I don't know why I decided to read is.I was so freaking triggered reading three of your other AUs.If this story contains ALL OF THAT I'll be dead by the time the first chapter is over.m😂😂😧
par3nth3s1s par3nth3s1s Mar 17
Whenever I want to cry I read your fanfics 
                              *bows to FEELS master*
Caloise Caloise Apr 15
Tbh I thought this was about Killing Stalking, and then I clicked on it and saw it was Solangelo. Jeez I haven't read a Solangelo fanfic in years.
Aryanna5323 Aryanna5323 May 03
This makes me think of a post about the song of achilles and it cracks me up
AmuahWrites AmuahWrites Jul 08
Just had an idea. What if a demigod/God had a kid with a wizard from HP? (Harry Potter)