PERFECT WORLD ⚡ wolfstar

PERFECT WORLD ⚡ wolfstar

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- ̗̀(F)LAWLESS  ̖́- By sweetwines Completed

❝ You could say Remus loved him. Of course he did. He was one of his best friends in the whole world, they did almost everything together, they always had. ❞


"It has been a long time since I read something this good!" - @AwkwardOddball274

"This is lovely. The whole thing is the best fanfic I've ever read..." - @primsspell

"This story was so beautiful and adorable, can't wait to read Bets [Jily fanfic] now as well!" - @starryodonoghue

[Modern, muggle AU] [#698 in fanfiction]

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niallerreids niallerreids Oct 10, 2017
Girls are so perfect like so so beautiful girls are a gift to humanity boys are cool too
malfoyxblack malfoyxblack Apr 12, 2017
okay no but when i first realised i was in love (like,, real love, for the first time) i was like "tf is this, my period is supposed to come in two weeks whY IS IT EARLY.. oh wait"
malfoyxblack malfoyxblack Apr 12, 2017
is this gonna make me cry because i just came from a sad fanfic
Now I am sad cuz I had a friend who I would secretly hold hands with and wink at and snuggle into but then they just left me and told me that it 'meant nothing'.
brienamber brienamber Jan 19, 2017
İf remus think this with james he would think this is weird but if it isnt weird with sirius there is something...
slytherinscorbus slytherinscorbus Jan 18, 2017
*Sirius kisses him* *sirius calls him his boyfriend* *sirius proposes* Remus: it's just friend thing, no homo