I'll Kiss the Pain Away (Leico/Valdangelo)

I'll Kiss the Pain Away (Leico/Valdangelo)

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SuperwholockPJO By SuperwholockPJO Updated Sep 26

Two boys, both in need of someone to help, to hold, to heal with. 

After a nasty attempt to end his own life, Nico was fustrated with himself.. but mainly lonely. That emotion hadn't come into play for a long time, he wasn't used to it. And he didn't like it. 

Leo Valdez, the boy who liked fire way too much and wasn't afraid of anything. Well until he stood on the roof of a building. About to jump. That scares you a bit.

They cross paths one day, in not the way you think it'd happen.

I was hoping they would shove him in fire, but get stuck in it themselves.🔥
Kitten-04 Kitten-04 Aug 27
                              *whispers* you don't bout them, right? RIGHT?
                              Btw I support gays I'm talking about the rich dudes
KeilyArias KeilyArias Aug 20
Whoa whoa whoa whoa... WHOA WHOA WHOA... *Screaming* WHOA WHOA WHOA. WHORE OR NAHHHH
And this is why I never had a crush on Leo! Although~ Nico's adorable! 😊
Leo, I really hate saying this 'cause u r my fav character but...good luck😞
coolio4653 coolio4653 Oct 21
Oh gods he dated both of them!?!?!?! There's gonna be a whole lota drama!!!