Corrupting The Pastor's Son

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Fae (: By SanDiegoBeachBumm Updated 4 years ago
This is a simple story really shit- who am I kidding life is never simple. So this is a story about the time I, Lexie, was sentenced to attend church in a different state all while staying with my dad's strict 'no bullshit' best friend all because my parents found a used condom in my trash bin and a bottle of liquor; haven't they heard teenagers are rebellious? I guess my parents skipped out on that memo.
    This is will also explain how I had corrupted the local pastor's son or was it he had corrupted me? All I have left to say is someone gets corrupted.
:DDD BUT seriously cut bac on the cursin :/ i understand that she's horrid but too much cursin otherwise is awesome :P
hehehe great chapter!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the next 1!!!!!