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Camp International: A Hetalia Roleplay

Camp International: A Hetalia Roleplay

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LEVI PUT YO PANTS ON By faiththestoryteller Updated May 28, 2016


(To all Camp Patreons: I'm terribly sorry, but Camp is undergoing renovations. Perhaps hop over to our sister island, Gakuen Academy on Atlantis. @-Desolxted- runs it, so have fun while I fix this!)

Meimei152 Meimei152 Jul 04
                              Renée was waiting for Carmen, she had heard that the Mexican needed to tell her something. So she was eating poutine and continued to wait for the other.
A small whirlwind flung the door open - and almost fainted from exhaustion. Normally the Natives tribes were cool and calm if not always levelheaded, but this one was in such a panic she almost cried from frustration. 
                              (@_BlueSatinDoll_ Is Leanne done giving birth?? @Nova_Williams)
Louis boredly watched his puppy chase his tale. He was bored out of his mind yet there was nothing to do. Sighing, he sat up on the couch and gazed at his surroundings. What in the heck was he doing? (@_BlueSatinDoll_ )
Emma was siiting in the main room, half asleep.
Meimei152 Meimei152 Dec 29, 2016
{@X_Mellie_X Bring Marilyn, she seems interesting :P}
                              June sat in her bunk, reading a book. She wished she was back home, but no matter that. This was okay enough, the people were nice and the weather was too.
Elizabeth was currently sick with some sort of stomach bug. She groaned and rolled over, burying her face in a pillow. @Allen_Jones_50