It's all my fault, Lucy

It's all my fault, Lucy

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azuki_kide By azuki_kide Completed

So recently, I have got many ideas for this fanfiction. However due to exams, I was not able to create it. It's my first fanfiction and hope there will be more! So I will see how it goes...

Here's a sneak of my plot! 

Like many NALU fanfic, there are many possibility but for mine, I will start off with Lisanna destroying their friendship and maybe relationship!

AnnaBobbyJr AnnaBobbyJr Jun 18
I just thought of a way to Kill lisanna!!
                              *Calls Eren over* LISANNA IS A TITAN!! SHES THE ONE WHO ATE YOUR MOTHER!!!
shikatema2015 shikatema2015 4 days ago
I love how all us Nalu shippers get pissed when Lisanna comes in😂😂
iamflour iamflour May 16
I also want the chance to shove a chainsaw up your salty vagina. :D
Yandere much?
                              AND NO ONE LIKE U GO BACK TO EDALAS  (probably spelled that wrong)
that's only for now........(evil laugh in the corner with fangirls)
puppysu puppysu Jul 05
Oh ok geez you could just talk to Lucy about in instead of killing her