(HIATUS) It's all my fault, Lucy

(HIATUS) It's all my fault, Lucy

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Azuki Kide By azuki_kide Updated Nov 10, 2015

So recently, I have got many ideas for this fanfiction. However due to exams, I was not able to create it. It's my first fanfiction and hope there will be more! So I will see how it goes...

Here's a sneak of my plot! 

Like many NALU fanfic, there are many possibility but for mine, I will start off with Lisanna destroying their friendship and maybe relationship!

I SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              *Grabs chainsaw*
                              Whose with me?!
*scoffs* Listen Lasagna, If you just gonna keep saying that she's not worth her Natsu, I won't hesitate to kill you. *glares daggers scarier than Erza's*
Admin: This bitch wants to die again but this time it'll include a bat, a gun, and a fuckin shovel.
                              Lucy: I wish Aquarius can wipe her out.
Listen sis listen listen listen. ..... sis listen listen sis listen.... sis listen I would smack you to a different dimension 😒