SHE against Pains (KAI Exo)

SHE against Pains (KAI Exo)

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Have you ever felt fluttery in your heart because of someone...?
Have you ever felt like being warm in someone else's embrace...?
Have you ever wanted to be someone else's exclusive one...?
Have you ever fallen in love for someone...?
Have you ever faced the pains...?
Yes, I have. I always feel fluttery because of him...
Yes, I have. I always feel warm in his embrace...
Yes, I have. I want to be his exclusive only one...
Yes, I have. I'm falling in love for him...
Yes, I have. I'm facing the pains because of my love... 

I've ever fallen in love only this once and only for this person, in my life... But my matchless Love is also my unique Pains in my life...

Hello, my dear readers!
Welcome from my seventh fanfic or third Kailli fanfic!

As my old ffs, this will be also a sad and angst fanfic.
I hope you all enjoy this one like my old ones.
I'm sorry for my poor english.
Please enjoy!

And this story is my present for my friend Ellizakai, Kai's fan!

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IkraanAbdirahman IkraanAbdirahman Aug 29, 2017
I love this story already😄😄😄 and ship the couple so much🤗🤗🤗
BrittneyReimers BrittneyReimers Jan 04, 2016
I think you're actually an exo and f(x) fan aren't you?sorry if I ask you weird question but yeah I agree sulli is very pretty and fit many characters in many different stories btw i find all of your books are very impressive and amazing keep writing you're very talented unnie XDDD
princesssulli98 princesssulli98 Oct 10, 2015
great chapter Authornim 
                              I'm yourreally big fan authornim 
                              I read and like all of your kailli fanfiction 
                              Kailli and Sesul are my favourite couples 
                              I love them so much and I love you too authornim :) :)