Beauty and the Demon [NaLu Fanfic]

Beauty and the Demon [NaLu Fanfic]

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Park SeungRa By Dragneel-sensei Updated Nov 15

Handsome, young prince that's living in a Royal Palace, but even though he had all the personality that a girl wants or what they are calling- man of their dreams, he break their hearts, he treat them like toys that can dispose anytime you want.
Until one day, this prince lost his luck when he played with a young maidens heart. Not knowing that she's a witch, she put a curse to the young prince to make him look like a demon that no one will dare to approach.
And in order to break the witch's curse, he need to find a girl that will accept and gave him a kiss of true love in just a  week.
But seems his luck still isn't coming, third day if the week and he still hasn't found the right girl. But still fate came to his rescue, one simple day, he bump on a young lady with a blonde hair and chocolate brown orbs.
Will she be the answer to his prayers? 
Would the power of their love would break the curse on the young prince? 

Disclaimer: I didn't own Fairy Tail, Mashima-sensei owns it
Credits to @sugoiree for the wonderful cover :)

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Life_Hell Life_Hell Aug 30
This seems like a different version of 'Beauty and the Beast' XD but I don't care cuz NALU is da best in any fairytale story
I noticed you like BTS and Fairy Tail...YOU'RE MY NEW BESTFRIEND!
and I can tell that your bias is also Jungkook ㅋㅋㅋㅋand sure, we can be best friends either 😃😃😃
Dragneel-sensei Dragneel-sensei Oct 14, 2015
@annborce why, thank you. I'm doing some drafts so that it'll be easy to update