Mysteries (Bill x Fem!Dipper)

Mysteries (Bill x Fem!Dipper)

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We're all going to hell. By sydneythereader465 Updated 2 days ago

Dipper Pines is still  at Gravity Falls with her twin sister Mabel but it seems that they are the ones to be left alone.  Now her parents are the ones away on a cruise for a few years , fitting in a new school is almost a hard as- DE-'Cipher'-ing the Journals. 

However, there's just one problem, Bill came back and needs their help.
Alot has happened.
And yet, something never changes. That they're anything but normal

-I have labeled this story mature for future themes to come.
- Cover is not mine, Credits to the Artist.
-Everyone has the age of 14 above. 
-This contains swearing and slightly mature themes, if you squint. (as of now.)

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