Our Symphony -Your Lie in April-

Our Symphony -Your Lie in April-

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Kanekinky By PandaDawgBE Updated Aug 14

An AU where Kaori's surgery becomes a success and she lives.
What if Kaori had never died and she and Kousei were able to get the happy ending they deserved? Well, the beginning of that adventure begins once Kousei finds Kaori's letter she was meant to have him read once she was gone, but seems like Kousei found his chance either way.
So...Kaori's gonna live in my world, always. Please don't judge if it's not perfect :I

Obviously: Kousei x Kaori 

(Cover image is not mine, I'm not able to find the original artist so if you know them please let me know)

@PandaDawgBE I also read that one! I love it, too. And oh. haha. I meant Musical Sorrow.
w-wow , what a great start (this is the first anime that made me cry )
deathtaco deathtaco Jul 24
or too much of a manipulator for any girl with a brain to date, but hey Watari you can just go hang out with your two other "girlfriends"; they will comfort your scrawny ass
                              sorry for all the crying
                              i just remembered the ending....
hahahaha *cry* ha..haha..ha *cries more* ha......ha *cries silently*   the funny thing is i hope that you m-make i-it b-but ...*sobs* i-i guess i-it d-do the o-opposite *sobs* *sobs* *sobs*. w-why??
deathtaco deathtaco Jul 24
sad Kaori didn't say sorry for using  him but hey, what you don't know can't hurt you