Seventeen Imagines

Seventeen Imagines

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Officialkdashh By Officialkdashh Completed

You were always getting bullied by these three boys The8, Mingyu, Wonwoo.

They had nothing to do except for miss with me all day, or irritates me that I just get annoyed.

One day you were walking down the hall way no one around until Wonwoo,mingyu and the8 came walking towards you.

They were getting closer, you started to hesitate and started walking backwards.

You started to run until you bunped into this guy, you slowly looked up.

You couldn't believe your eyes he was so handsome he had beautiful hair, a sharp jawline,
Nice skin, nice hazelnut eye.

"Are you alright?" he asked, you nodded still admiring how beautiful he looked in your head.

"My name is vernon! And you are........." He introduced and put his hand out.

"Ahhh-ahhh my name is Y/N" I said and shook his hand, "ohhh hi Y/N. I'm new here but I'm seem to be fitting in well, your pretty you know" he compliment me

He thinks I'm pretty, omg! And he's new here wow he's so handsome. But I'm nerd how can he think I'm pretty...'s good to have some extra weight( I like how I say that to everyone but deep down I'm insercure AF)
-voidmary -voidmary Oct 17
Gangbang? Foursome? S- 
                              Ok I'll stop I need Joshua to bless me
I cannot relate to this I’m light af because I’m short and skinny.
Hazelnut eye? Only one eye? What’s his other eye colour than?😂😂😂
                              (I’m just messing with you😂)
Ermantrude Ermantrude Jul 12, 2016
You had kums on your face LOL that is hoe embarrassing god I loved it