Who is this? | E.D

Who is this? | E.D

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"Your not who your say you are"

"I know, I am sorry"


He's a F-boy just saying because what kind of guy meets you for 2 seconds and just says i like you.............. Thats right kids 
Mina_Dolan Mina_Dolan Sep 10
30!!! did that bitch just say 30 ?!! her mom is an original hoe i swear
BevIsRad BevIsRad Sep 22
lol does he mean Zayn because that's the same thing if anyone called me Zayn I'd cry on the spot for being compared to such a beautiful human
instead of pronouncing it like "mom" I literally pronounced it like "(moo)m"
Mina_Dolan Mina_Dolan Sep 10
i bet she ran cz she was scared her mom would throw a vase at her afte she went Sav Age on her
Mina_Dolan Mina_Dolan Sep 10
😂😂 the comments made me feel like a human again cz i do the same and i end up thinking that maybe m a depressed person