Secrets  |D. Gray Man x Ao No Exorcist Crossover|

Secrets |D. Gray Man x Ao No Exorcist Crossover|

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Zerin_Alawaya By zerin3173 Updated Apr 28, 2016

A crossover between two demon fighting worlds. 
Two Main Characters hiding a secret identity, both bearing overwhelming power.

Rin Okumura is a student at True Cross Academy. A fifteen year old teenager who happens to be the Son of Satan. Blue Flames surround his body when he uses his sword: the Kurikara. 
Rin and his fellow classmates want his secret to stay between them, will they be able to keep the secret to themselves?
Will Rin be able to keep his anger in control? Or will his demonic powers consume him?
Allen Walker, also the fourteenth Noah, holds a strong power he is starting to lose control of. 
At this new school for exorcists, can he keep his Noah calm?
Or will the Noah show, making his new companion fear him?
Both world's combine, characters from two separate stories meet and mix, can they keep what they want in bound? Or will something go wrong? 


Written is first person perspective, I give you a fan-fiction created by me to give to the fans of D. Gray Man and Ao No Exorcist. Enjoy <3

~ Zerin-chan

This is nice.  I would like to see Krory in there somewhere.  Since I have watch both the dubs and subs of d gray man, my definitions of a Akume and Demon are the same, hence it would be nice to krory to want to drink the blood of Rin or whatever. ;)
InsaneDerpSsundee InsaneDerpSsundee Feb 06, 2016
I hope you know that your fanfic is really good, people get really into it that they for get to comment on it
Mondency Mondency Apr 10, 2016
Is it me or every crossover story I read. Akuma appear at the moment Allen got introduced