Sorrow & Pain turned to Happiness & Love

Sorrow & Pain turned to Happiness & Love

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This is the story of Raven Faye Snape. Severus and Lily's child but only Lily, James and their families knew about the child and didn't have time to tell Severus about her before Lily and James Potter met their ultimate demise. Now being raised by her grandparents will Raven find out the identity of her father, will it make or break her relationships with friends and half brother? READ TO FIND OUT!

George Weasley x OC..

BTW this story has been EDITED!!

In the description her name is Raven Snape, but in this chapter it says Raven Evans
Why is raven hufflepuff? Shouldn't she be in slitherin like her "dad" snape?
Does Snape not remember doing it unprotected? Or is he just that stupid? Probably the latter....
She doesn't know who her father is, so naturally, she isn't going to take her father's name.
kelseyolson kelseyolson Apr 26
Please write more!!!! Can you tell me does she go and live with Snape?
She's a hufflepuff and she's named Raven. Something's wrong with this picture.