Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

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Hazel By ChasingInfinity1 Updated Nov 23

❝Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the Anonymous Therapist Program at Moreland Preparatory Academy.❞

❝You just don't get a hint, do you? I really don't want to talk to you.❞

❝Gosh, lady, what crawled up your ass? Do you honestly think that I want to spend my Friday night talking to you?❞

❝Well, you're the one that called me.❞

❝This is true.❞

❝So goodbye, for the last time.❞


A short story that alternates between conversations and narrative writing. Extended summary inside.

radioremixx radioremixx Sep 22
and i have only read this book (because the author said if i could) to page 2,and infinity if your reading this,it's really good already! I can't wait to read more tomorrow!
sincerities sincerities Aug 26
I would sign up for that, I've always wanted to be a therapist
If that happened to me I'd probably scream then punch the statue...
                              I'm one of those people that will punch you in the face if you scare them.
This sound very good and intriguing. Keep up the wonderful work and stay golden! :)