Kuroko No Basket~LEMONS

Kuroko No Basket~LEMONS

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Jasmine keeling By jasminekeeling Updated Mar 26, 2016

Includes these characters(in release order):
•Akashi Seijuro
•Aomine Daiki
•Kise Ryouta
•Kuroko Tetsuya
•Kagami Taiga
•Murasakibara Atsushi
•Midorima Shintarou
•Kasamatsu Yukio
•Takao Kazunari
•Himuro Tatsuya
•Hyuga Junpei
•Izuki Shun
•Moriyama Yoshitaka
•Nijimura Shuzo
I may add a couple more, but that is undecided. Also will include:
•Seven minutes in heaven with the generation of miracles
•Halloween special with the generation of miracles

(All of the listed generation of miracle chapters, will include Kagami,and maybe others)

Thank you very much for all the reads guys! I can't believe people actually read my stuff, so thanks a bunch!!! (≧∇≦)
If any of you guys have any requests, comment them anywhere. Whatever you request, I'll write <3
Also, these chapters are going to be pretty long, so please bear with me. Uploads will be between 1-2 weeks, or maybe sooner.

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I don't wear skirts, so let's change that to black shorts. I don't wear wedges either, so how about a pair of black and white sneakers? That's better!
Celis77 Celis77 May 20, 2017
Its (Y/n)-chan* "kun" is for males [ (Y/n)-kun, if you portray the reader as a masculine female (sometimes)
IllyneHanwie IllyneHanwie Jul 10, 2017
White frilly skirt and mint coloured shirt, my favourite. :D
onehellofakiller onehellofakiller Mar 20, 2017
my reaction: "wow that escalate quickly, that really got out of hand"
xXJustForFanFicsXx xXJustForFanFicsXx Oct 31, 2017
This chapter isn't that long. I've written longer. The longest fan fiction chapter I've written is 3,340 words long. I don't really care about the length of a chapter as long as it's well written and this chapter is pretty well written if you ask me. But I did notice some grammar mistakes.
- - Aug 02, 2017
Aomine was probably like "I lik ur tits, canz I touch?" It momoi